Cross Cultural Work

Increase organizational learning to adapt to new challenges

A leadership team of a national advocacy organization transformed their entire approach to their work once they recognized that the challenges their organization faced required new levels of learning and innovation. As… Read more.

Convene high impact meetings and retreats

A newly expanded board of directors achieved substantive results in both business planning and board development in a two-day meeting with bi-lingual, Spanish – English facilitation held in New York City…. Read more.

Integrate diverse perspectives for effective action

Civil society, business and government created a shared vision for sustainable fisheries practices and alternative livelihoods on the Caribbean coast of Honduras, and have achieved significant results in more than four… Read more.

Help people focus on the pressing work at hand

A governance group fractured by misunderstandings and unresolved conflict worked through their differences and established groundwork for consensus on significant business decisions. Though this culturally and ethnically diverse board of directors… Read more.