Leadership Coaching

Get perspective to increase impact

An executive in a highly successful business identified three inter-related changes necessary to help his organization meet its goals: foster greater collaboration between departments, plan for leadership succession, and build internal… Read more.

Increase organizational learning to adapt to new challenges

A leadership team of a national advocacy organization transformed their entire approach to their work once they recognized that the challenges their organization faced required new levels of learning and innovation. As… Read more.

Unleash people’s passion to make a difference

A breast cancer foundation in New York substantively increased its capacity and impact by mobilizing voluntary leadership and investing in staff. With almost ten years of steady growth, the founders realized… Read more.

Consider alternative structures to increase impact

National, social justice think tank based in New York City doubles its organizational capacity and raises its national profile by re-envisioning leadership and adopting an innovative structure. The founding executive director… Read more.

Strengthen cross-functional collaboration to boost performance

Executive leadership transformed an organization with strong silos into a team-based network characterized by innovative programming and effective marketing and cross selling throughout Westchester, Duchess and Putnam counties in New York…. Read more.