Strategy Development

At the heart of any change initiative is the ability to clearly see and describe your business or nonprofit organization’s preferred future and a pathway to achieve it. Agreements about vision and strategic priorities in turn, drive decision-making and the allocation of resources. Strategy is essential to steer effective action at any level of system – whether a multi-sector network, an organization as a whole, or any subgroup within it, such as a governing board, project team or department. Our clients in New York and on assignment around the world tell us our approach to strategic planning helps them engage with key stakeholders to:

  • Focus on what matters most
  • Look systematically at emerging trends
  • Build on existing strengths
  • Make difficult choices
  • Build commitment to action
  • Align resources to support sustained action

Once the strategy is in place, we support implementation grounded in action plans that include experiments and pilot projects. We help build agreements for tracking outcomes and learn from experience. Clients often tap into our expertise in organization and systems development when strategy implementation requires working together in new ways or transforming existing structures to support innovation and change.