Assess Your Readiness for Change

Your business, organization or group (department, team, board) may be facing a specific challenge or dilemma. Or you may feel a general need for change. Take a few minutes to think about your current situation. Read each statement below and rate the degree to which you agree or disagree based upon the group and situation you are considering. Rate all of the statements to increase the relevance of your survey results. Your responses will be confidential. At the end of the survey you have the option to follow-up on the results with Strategies for Change Now.  Contact Strategies for Change Now to discuss your results. CLICK here to contact Strategies for Change Now. PERMISSION TO REPRINT: This survey may be reprinted provided it appears in its entirety with the following attribution: ©Copyright 2013 Anne Gardon. Reprinted by permission of Anne Gardon, organization change consultant and leadership coach. Her firm Strategies for Change Now helps diverse nonprofits, businesses, and communities to clarify their desired future and strategies for achieving it. For more information visit