Organization Change

Collective, coordinated action is the key to moving from strategy to results – and from leadership to impact. Clear strategy and effective leadership are essential components in a successful change project, but they are not sufficient by themselves. Ultimately, the ability of organizations to realize their business objectives and create their desired future is a collective undertaking. Joint action must be grounded in an organizational culture, and workplace structures and practices that are congruent with the desired change. Strategies for Change Now helps clients in the New York metropolitan region plan and implement change projects with the greatest likelihood of success. We partner with our clients to:

  • Clearly define the scope and goals for change
  • Determine who will be impacted and who needs to be involved
  • Maximize engagement and commitment to follow-through
  • Convene innovative forums for information-sharing and collaborative work
  • Work with – and through – conflict and resistance
  • Ensure action and follow-through on agreements

Consultation in organization and system change encompasses a wide range of activities from large-scale, whole system change, to engagements focused in specific areas, such as team or board development, conflict resolution, or meeting and retreat facilitation. CLICK here to assess your organization’s readiness for change.