Strategy Development

Ensure that strategy addresses key tensions in your business

The board and staff of a regional community foundation efficiently arrived at consensus about a strategy and priorities for growth based on new insights about both their business model and their… Read more.

Engage employees in strategy development and innovation

Family-owned manufacturing company developed a business strategy based upon an assessment of their unique capabilities to innovate in an increasingly competitive market. This closely held family business had made significant changes… Read more.

Integrate diverse perspectives for effective action

Civil society, business and government created a shared vision for sustainable fisheries practices and alternative livelihoods on the Caribbean coast of Honduras, and have achieved significant results in more than four… Read more.

Help people focus on the pressing work at hand

A governance group fractured by misunderstandings and unresolved conflict worked through their differences and established groundwork for consensus on significant business decisions. Though this culturally and ethnically diverse board of directors… Read more.

Unleash people’s passion to make a difference

A breast cancer foundation in New York substantively increased its capacity and impact by mobilizing voluntary leadership and investing in staff. With almost ten years of steady growth, the founders realized… Read more.

Strengthen cross-functional collaboration to boost performance

Executive leadership transformed an organization with strong silos into a team-based network characterized by innovative programming and effective marketing and cross selling throughout Westchester, Duchess and Putnam counties in New York…. Read more.

Grow your business or non-profit organization

A regional environmental organization developed a strategic plan that laid the groundwork for more than five years of action, tangible results, and expanded impact. Having undergone a major transition in executive… Read more.