What We Do

Strategies for Change Now specializes in strategy development, leadership coaching, and organization change. Since 1991 we have provided customized consultation and coaching services to a wide array of nonprofits, businesses and communities in the US and internationally. Our work strengthens the capabilities of individual leaders, groups and organizations, and helps clients to clarify their desired future and strategies for achieving it. Our work aims to foster alignment between strategy, people, structures and operations. We often work simultaneously at the organizational, group (department, team, board, etc.) and individual levels to realize transformational change. We have an assets-based approach to addressing real and pressing challenges in the workplace. Prospective clients reach out to us when they want to:

  • Address complex business issues for which there is no clear solution
  • Make choices from among competing priorities
  • Mobilize people to act on a shared vision and strategic plan
  • Develop new ways of working that respond to current realities
  • Increase their leadership capacity in times of challenge and change
  • Build collaboration across organizational or community divisions
  • Facilitate difficult conversations and work through conflict
  • Strengthen governance by boards of directors
  • Align organization structures with goals and values