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A governance group fractured by misunderstandings and unresolved conflict worked through their differences and established groundwork for consensus on significant business decisions.

Though this culturally and ethnically diverse board of directors of a national organization had developed significant competencies in working together, recent meetings had been fractious and the group was stalled in making critical decisions. Several members perceived the board as splitting along color lines. Strategies for Change Now was engaged to design and facilitate a retreat to reestablish group cohesion.  Preparatory interviews with board members supported individuals to talk through their concerns, as well their personal stake in re-building the group’s ability to work together. A two-day retreat built on this pre-work and successfully established direct, open dialogue in a series of conversations that led to re-engagement in the group’s governance agenda. As a result, the board arrived at consensus on substantive business issues, followed up on their agreements, and was still on track six months later.