Increase organizational learning to adapt to new challenges

A leadership team of a national advocacy organization transformed their entire approach to their work once they recognized that the challenges their organization faced required new levels of learning and innovation.

As the organization expanded its work into different regions of the US, the leadership experienced an unprecedented level of conflict and push back. When Strategies for Change Now guided the leadership team in an analysis of the situation, they discovered that their reliance on what had worked in other parts of the country was at the root of the problem. The knowledge and assumptions that informed previously effective strategies did not adequately respond to the new cultural and political contexts in which they were operating. Future success would depend upon directly addressing perceived differences in values and goals in order develop new approaches.  As a result the group committed itself to opening up all parts of the organization to greater levels of feedback and dialogue, and to identifying and removing barriers to experimentation and new ways of working. In the year that followed, they went on to make fundamental changes in key aspects of their business resulting in new levels of success and additional funding to significantly expand their work.