Strengthen cross-functional collaboration to boost performance

Executive leadership transformed an organization with strong silos into a team-based network characterized by innovative programming and effective marketing and cross selling throughout Westchester, Duchess and Putnam counties in New York.

The newly promoted executive of a complex, hierarchical organization engaged Strategies for Change Now to guide staff in developing a strategic plan. The resulting vision focused the strengthening the enterprise as a whole by realizing the potential of each of component site and vice verse. The leadership recognized that this would require people to work together in new, and very different, ways. Strategies for Change Now supported this culture change through in-depth executive coaching. Sessions focused on establishing a team-based structure and strengthening leadership practices that encouraged innovation. Client and coach also paid close attention to modulating the rate of change that the leaders and the system could sustain.  As a result, cross-functional teams re-invented key components of the business, developed state-of the art programs, and implemented marketing and sales strategies that increased overall performance.