1. People express a need for change in our organization.
2. Leaders in our organization are open to new ideas.
3. We are open to looking outside our organization at trends in our field.
4. A strong sense of purpose exists in our organization.
5. People from different parts of the organization speak to one another about work.
6. We have a process for getting regular feedback from our customers (or other stakeholders).
7. People in our organization want to make things better.
8. Leaders in our organization talk about their vision and goals with staff.
9. There are opportunities for learning in our organization.
10. Resources (human, financial, material) are available to support change efforts.
11. People in our organization speak openly about issues that concern them.
12. We have the capability to integrate new information into decision-making.
13. People impacted by change are likely to be involved in shaping it.
14. People who work here know what our organization's goals and priorities are.
15. Communication channels for regular information sharing and feedback exist within our organization.
16. There are clear values that guide our organization.
17. There is an openness in our organization to looking at both what works well and does not work well.
18. Standards and expectations for performance are clearly understood in our organization.
19. It is okay to take risks in our organization.
20. In our organization people are recognized for good work.